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Frost & Fire

October 25 – 31, 2002


FROST AND FIRE – Modern dance proves to be the ideal medium to articulate the intensity of this classic Roy Bradbury story, which has been imaginatively blended into a dynamic multimedia production by adapter-director Zina Bethune. On a distant planet, a race of barbarian humans – descendants of space travelers from long ago – are born, give birth, mate and die in a dragonfly-short lifespan of 8 days. Young warrior Sim (Trevor Brackney) and his mate, Lyte (Raquel Baldwin), endanger their fleeting youth to embark on a journey to the large, metal, saucer-shaped object that glitters in the distance – and which proves to hold the secret to their tribe’s salvation. The intricate and heartbreakingly beautiful dance sequences are tightly and crisply blocked by Bethune and co-choreographer Murray Phillips, with highlights that include a tremendously colorful, elaborate number showing Sim growing from a child to an adult in the blink of an eye. Zeljko Marasovich’s eerie electronic score sharply sets off the gracefulness of the movements, which thanks to the talented ensemble are sublime… Ivar Theatre, 1605 Ivar Street, Hollywood; Fri – Sat, 8pm Matinee Sunday 3pm thru Nov. 3 (323) 461-7300 (Paul Birchall)


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